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Compression Socks - 3 Pairs Pack in a Special Price

Israel Cycling Academy Compression Socks are the perfect sulotion for 
every ride or sports activity.
Made of a number of different thickness levels for maximum comfort and
sweat evaporation.
Absorbent pads around the ankle and toes, a strip around
the foot and mesh fabric at the top of the sock for ventilation
and evaporation.
Compression Socks lends extra support to the leg muscles and 
tendons, including the Achilles. Using them during and after a
workout also helps muscles recovery. After an intense ride,
keeping your 
socks on (or wearing a clean pair) will help reduce
muscles soreness, fluid retention and feet swelling.

* Made in Italy

Mix and Match: if you wish to combine different sizes, send us an email
right after your pucrhase with the desired sizes and order number to:

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