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Why does a professional cycling team have a "Donate" section?

Because we’re not your average Pro Cycling team- we’re NON-Profit. Why? Because we wanted to do things differently; to bring a fresh, new perspective and a new way to develop cyclists to the top levels. By being a Non-Profit we are able to ensure that every single dime is spent on helping each one of our riders develop and grow to be the best cyclist they can be, on giving them the best support staff possible, and to know that all resource are focused on helping each rider be the best you can be.

That means that anyone in the world can DIRECTLY support his or her favorite rider in our program - not by purchasing a jersey or a kit that the team receives a small portion of the proceeds from, but rather by donating straight to the team. This allows your support dollars to go further, and help develop riders even more than ever before possible! Your donations to the team make it just like YOU are the mechanic jumping out of the team car and swapping wheels for your favorite Cycling Academy Team rider as he is minutes ahead of the peloton just a few Kilometers from the Giro D’Italia Stage win! Donate today, and help us on our journey to develop the next Giro and Tour de France winners.