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Honoring Bartali

honoring bartali cycling academy team
During the dark years of World War 2 and the Holocaust, Gino Bartali was still training for his incredibly demanding sport of cycling, including riding cross-country along the punishing back-roads of Italy. But his training was far more meaningful and dangerous than anyone imagined, as hidden away in his bike he carried fake documents, which helped 800 Jews escape the grasp of the Nazi’s, as well as that helped the Italian Resistance fight for humankind.
As Israel’s first and only Professional Cycling Team, Israel Cycling Academy see it as our duty to use the sport we love, cycling, to help teach Holocaust history, and to bring to the forefront the unsung heroism of those who stood up for what is right.
Featuring a special behind the scenes viewing of Stage 11, participants in the 2017 Israel Cycling Academy “Honoring Bartali” ride will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to relive history on an incredibly intimate level, and to enjoy the Giro d’Italia with the best vantage points, food, and entertainment Italy has to offer!
If you’d like to learn more about this incredibly unique and intimate event, Contact us today to learn more, and to sign up!



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