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Powerbeat wattteam cycling academy


Israel Cycling Academy Team announces new Partnership with fellow Innovator “WATTEAM”

Development team to ride & race with “POWERBEAT™ G2” power meter for the 2017 season

Tel Aviv
April 6, 2017

Israel Cycling Academy Team continues to solidify its position on the UCI Pro-Continental level as a forward-thinking innovator in the Pro peloton, as the team announced today its partnership with WattTeam, the developers, and producers of the POWERBEAT™ Power meter- The lightest and most affordable power meter on the planet. 

wattteam israel

IIsrael Cycling Academy Team Manager Ran Margaliot said: "We're proud to be part of one of the most revolutionary companies in the field of Power Meters. WATTEAM is an American company, based in Irvine CA, and holds an Israeli R&D center. WATTEAM is identical to us in terms of values, worldview, and the desire to influence and produce a change in one of the most developing industries. Israel Cycling Academies Development Team will be used by the company as both a marketing platform and as a group of "trial riders" that will help it continue to examine and to develop their revolutionary power meter. In short, this is a partnership of two start-ups, who are fully committed to the task of reaching the top cycling levels in the world.

probeat cycling academy

About WATTEAM: Over the last six years, WATTEAM has progressed itself with belief in the unique resources of advanced engineering and research performance fields, and has designed a power meter utilizing an up to date strain gauge, accelerometer, and gyro technologies, together with a sophisticated proprietary algorithm and a patented mechanical structure. 

About Israel Cycling Academy: Israel Cycling Academy was founded in December 2014 in Jerusalem, as Israel’s first Professional cycling team, with a clear vision to help Israeli Cycling and bring young cyclists, especially Israelis, to the top levels of cycling.

The team recorded wins in races over 4 continents in the last 20 months, and is backed by sponsors like The Israel Ministry of Tourism, Cannondale, Hertz Israel, and Verge, as well as the Israeli-Canadian philanthropist Sylvan Adams- Israel Cycling Academy is now set to go Pro Continental for the 2017 season.

Visit WattTeam To Learn More 

Our development team riders testing their new power watt devices from WattTeam PowerBeat:

israel cycling academy and wattteam

cycling academy wattteam