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Bem Vindo Nicolas !

Bem Vindo Nicolas !

israel cycling academy

Brazilian rising talent is getting the opportunity to shine with ISRAEL CYCLING Academy

Nicholas Sessler has joined The first Israeli professional team as a stagaire 

Tel-Aviv. August 15. Brazilian Cyclist Nicholas Sessler has Joined Cycling Academy as a stagaire and will start racing for the pro continental team later this month.




ICA's Decision to hand the  opportunity to the the San Paulo born Brazilian is in itself a striking indication of the rapid development of the 23 years old MTB rider who only last season has shifted his focus to full time road cycling but was able to impress with strong performances and race results.

"It might be seen as an unusual move " admitted team manager Ran Margaliot. " But we are a team with a deep sense of obligation to develop young riders from Israel and other countries that lacks cycling tradition and thus limited ability to support their best talents. "

Nicholas Sessler

Echoing that same notion, The Brazilian expressed his desire to seize the opportunity for reasons beyond his own cycling career ambitions. " Besides trying to prove myself in prestigious and high level race like any rider, my goal is to inspire more and more people to cycling and help the sport culture growth in Brazil as this Team does in Israel." 

Sessler has taken biking at 10 years of age, a bit unusual in a country that Football is passion like no other country in the world. " I love Football. Don't get me wrong. But when my father's friend had surgery and started biking as a way to recover, he invited me to join and it quickly became MY passion. "

The young Sessler has rapidly grown to one of his Country's premier MTB young talents. " I won the first race I ever entered" smiles the red haired compact sized Paulista ( he is 1.69 and 58 Kg) . He was twice Brazil's Junior national champion, two podiums in world cups he and 7th in UCI ranking. 

Nicholas Sessler ICA

But when he moved to Belgium two years ago to further develop his MTB skill, he Met a local  coach who advised him to "taste" road cycling after analyzing his power test results. The Brazilian started with the famous Belgian type "Kermiss " races and very quickly " found myself in love with the sport". When he later won a stage in a much higher level European race "I decided to focus 100 percent on the road".

In 2016 , his first full year as an under 23 road cyclist he accumulated a surprising number of results as a stage and overall winner in the Vuelta a Valencia and Best young rider and best climber in series of other races. A year later he moved to Spain to join Lizarte, one of the best armature teams In Europe - and continued to record consistent results as a climber: 17 times he has finished top 10 and the overall winner in Vuelta a Lerida. Coincidently, he found himself in a heated battle with Israel Cycling Academy Development team emerging climbing talent Guy Niv. The Brazilian passed the Israeli in the last 200 meters to win the stage. Niv was then promoted to the Pro team and now he will be joined by the his Brazilian ex rival...

"We believe in his promising potential and eager to show us what he can do in the pro level" explained Kjell Calstrom, ICA'S Chief Sports Director. The Brazilian will debut for ICA in Austria, August 25th.  " For me" said Sessler, " The huge opportunity I got from Israel Cycling Academy

Is definitely the highlight of my career. I really can't put into words how proud I am of this opportunity to represent the team and Brazil".

Israel Cycling Academy Is an Israeli based team but with a strong international flavor, carrying riders from 12 different Nations. Sessler will be the first Brazilian. 















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