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Dan Craven: Saying Goodbye

Dan Craven: Saying Goodbye

On the eve of my first real international race of the year, it is probably time to tell people what I am up to - and to say thank you (again) to ICA. After all, I can't blame my silence on my honeymoon for much longer... 


Dan Craven joins Embrace the World Cycling

The last two years have been special to me in many different ways. Being the “old boy” on the team as it transitioned from Continental to Pro Continental put me in an interesting position, having a certain oversight I had never had before - and over such a multicultural and interesting group of people. The lessons learned were plenty - but what always stood out to me was how we were brought together to build something more than simply a bike team.

As my nagging, old injuries left my 2017 season without any results to speak of, I’ve sadly had to step aside from the team - racing wise. But I will certainly never be far away.
Dan Craven leaves ICA

That said - I still have some points I need to prove on the bike, and in my typical journeyman fashion - I simply can’t hang up my race wheels just yet. For 2018 I will be racing with a very interesting project called “Embrace the World Cycling.” The team focuses on racing UCI races in far flung, hard to reach and interesting places - which I think explains it’s attraction to me. But, they also have a charitable side to the project which sweetens the deal even more and I look forward to delving into their projects and seeing how it all happens. 
Dan Craven thanks Israel Cycling Academy and his fans

On Sunday I’ll be competing at the 2018 Africa Championships road race in Kigali, Rwanda after which I shall finally return to Europe where my new team jersey awaits - as well as my old team mates who I look forward to training with, as ever.

I look forward to seeing you all out on the road!

Instagram: @embracetheworldcycling
Dan Craven of Namibia will continue to race in 2018 but not with ICA
Dan Craven played an essential role in Israel Cycling Academy's development and growth
Dan Craven will race the 2018 Africa Championships in Kigali Rwanda
Dan Craven leaves ICA and joins a team with a charity component

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