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Israel Cycling Academy partners with SKINS

Israel Cycling Academy partners with SKINS

Riders will wear a range of SKINS compression garments designed to improve oxygen circulation and recovery


Ran Margaliot: “This gives us an edge in recovery between training and races.”




Tel Aviv – February 14, 2018


Israel Cycling Academy announces their partnership with SKINS, a leading manufacturer of compression garments.


Compression garments have been shown to improve muscle recovery and performance. Different muscles require different levels of compression during rest, activity, and recovery. SKINS manufactures high performance apparel that considers the different compression levels needed to increase oxygen delivery to activate muscles while in motion, known as dynamic gradient compression.


SKINS is a leading manufacturer of compression garments designed to enhance recovery


“SKINS is the best in the business,” says Israel Cycling Academy general manager, Ran Margaliot. “This gives us an edge in recovery between training and races.” The Pro Continental riders “already have various products,” but will now use a more complete range of SKINS compression garments including compression socks, calf tights, and sleeves.


Compression clothing improves circulation, enhances oxygen delivery, and decreases lactic build up in fatigued muscles. SKINS products are designed to do all of this while still being comfortable to wear, thereby allowing a rider to recover faster and to push himself harder in key moments. SKINS have created a line of garments designed to be worn while training, sleeping, before racing, and after racing.


SKINS and ICA team up for 2018


Benjamin Fitzmaurice, SKINS Chief Operating Officer, said, “We’re excited to be the official compression supplier of Israel’s first pro cycling team and honoured to be partnered with such a talented and professional group of individuals. We have no doubt that 2018 will be a successful year and are delighted to be a part [of it].”


SKINS will provide ICA with comfortable compression garments to aid in riders' recovery


Israel Cycling Academy riders are thrilled to wear SKINS compression garments due to their superior quality

All photos by Noa Arnon

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