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Garmin official bike computer sponsor of Israel Cycling Academy for 2018


Riders will use Garmin Edge 820


Israel Cycling Academy is pleased to announce its sponsorship with Garmin. The American company is a well-respected pioneer in the field of bike computers.



Tim Spurling, Garmin General Manager, said, “Garmin are delighted to be the proud sponsor of Israeli cycling academy. Cycling in Israel is an incredibly popular sport and continues to increase its reach amongst both advanced and novice cyclists. The professional approach adopted by Cycling Academy and their long-term vision to create the first world class professional cycling team in Israel whilst encouraging kids to take up the sport is something that Garmin felt motivated to be involved with. We wish them all the success and look forward to an exciting relationship together.”



For 2018, the team will use the Garmin Edge 820. The bike computer is a popular model, featuring an easy-to-read color touch screen. The screen has the added bonus of working when wet and when the user is wearing gloves on cold days. The maps offer bike specific turn-by-turn navigation. It also is capable of pairing with a smartphone to send a message to a predetermined contact person in the event of a crash.


“We are very glad for this partnership. Garmin is the best in the business and we are thrilled to work with them,” said Ran Margaliot, Israel Cycling Academy’s General Manager. “The Edge 820 has a great touch screen, the riders love it. Garmin is the standard of quality.”



Beyond just bike computers, the team will also use other Garmin products. The mechanics’ vehicles use the Garmin dēzlCam for navigation. Israel Cycling Academy uses the Wi-Fi capable Garmin Index Scale which in addition to measuring weight, also calculates body mass index, body fat, and muscle mass. The sports directors wear the Garmin Fenix 5. Among its many features, the watch monitors the wearer’s pulse from the wrist without a cumbersome chest strap.




All photos by Noa Arnon

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