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Israel Cycling Academy Signs Multi-Year Deal with Oakley

Israel Cycling Academy Signs Multi-Year Deal with Oakley

Oakley named Israel Cycling Academy’s official helmet and sunglasses sponsor for 2018


ICA will wear the full Oakley cycling helmet range: ARO 3, ARO 5, and ARO 7


The ARO helmet line features the concussion reducing MIPS design



Israel Cycling Academy is proud to announce partnering with Oakley, the leading American sunglasses company and now a cycling helmet manufacturer. While Oakley may be new to cycling helmets, the brand is long synonymous with quality, a value they have maintained in their new products.


The Professional Continental team will wear all three models in Oakley’s newly introduced helmet line: ARO 3, ARO 5, and ARO 7. The ARO 3, with its generous ventilation, is ideal for climbers and hot days in the saddle. The aerodynamic ARO 5 is similarly designed but with slightly fewer cooling vents, making it the go to option for sprinters. Both helmets are feature eyewear integration to securely hold a rider’s glasses. For time trials, riders have the ARO 7. Its short tail is designed to maximize aerodynamics at all times, including when a rider needs to move his head out of his most aero position such as when drinking or cornering. The visor is held in place by a magnet.



All three Oakley helmets feature MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system), a revolutionary system that adds a layer between the helmet and head, thereby decreasing the chance of concussion in the event of impact. Similar to how the scalp has a small range of motion independent to the skull, MIPS allows for slight movement between the helmet and skull which protects the brain from contact at any angle.


Another feature of the Oakley cycling helmet line is the BOA fit system. This dial at the rear of the helmet allows a rider to adjust the tension via a thin lace to perfectly fit his head. This lace is designed to reduce the pressure on a rider’s head.


From Oakley’s expansive sunglasses range, the team will wear Jawbreaker, EVZero, and Radar EV.



“Oakley is excited to embark on a multi-year partnership with the Israel Cycling Academy, a team that was created to inspire young, local athletes to compete at the highest level,” said Cuan Petersen, Vice President Global Sports Marketing. “With the 2018 Giro d’Italia kicking-off in Israel, we are proud to support the country’s first ever professional cycling team.” 


When asked why Israel Cycling Academy joined up with Oakley, General Manager Ran Margaliot said, “We are thrilled and honored to enter a multi-year partnership with Oakley. They have been with us since day one but now they are growing their sponsorship to include their top of the line helmets and luggage. Oakley is simply the best in the business.”




All photos by Dvir Almog

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