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Lets not try to sugarcoat this

Lets not try to sugarcoat this

Lets not try to sugarcoat this, guys:

We were not doing well in our 4th Belgium classic today in Dwars door West-Vlaanderen. And You can even call it an understatement. In fact, you could say we got a bit of a spanking as not even one of our 8 riders has managed to get to the finish line.

But as pros, we have to take it like men and learn from it, so instead of hiding out, keeping silent or making excuses, we will give you an insight into race who turned into an pretty awful day.

"Its not the first time I am getting my A... kicked in a bike race" said our young American Tyler Williams but he added. "No one likes getting whooped on like we were. But you just keep your head down and chipping away. And we will get there because as a team we all support each other and that will bring everyone's level up".

The full story in the pics and captions.

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