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Cool Under Pressure

Cool Under Pressure

Victory in Denver


" Do you feel the good vibe around" smiled ICA Canadian Guillaume boivin. He was asking the question repeatedly, moving from one staff member On the team to another.

You would expect that question AFTER a win , but almost weirdly, G made the rounds in a bit of a tense moment. We were about to start the last stage of the COLORADO CLASSIC , and we were still searching for a Win. Worse, we were winless since starting our American racing voyage at the Tour of Utah. Yeah, we came really close, finishing once and again top 6 , but something was missing.

"It was a bit frustrating" explained the Canadian. "We knew we can do it but we needed to prove it".

Many times, this kind of pressure leads to under performance. But Sunday in Denver it was translated to almost bizarre calm under fire.

There was a plan but plans are just plans. You need to execute. And when The new Israeli on the team Guy Niv needed to change his wheel in the second out of 10 circuits, it looked as we lost a rider who was suppose to keep a breakaway at bay. But amazingly, right after he spent almost 10 minutes getting back to the peloton, he immediately went to work in the front. He stayed there and labored for 6 more laps to make sure the breakaway will stay close. "He was a legend" said his Canadian teammate.

In the last 2 Km's our leadout plan was executed to perfection until reached the last corner. There it was so chaotic that our sprinter Räim lost the wheel of his teammates. But his instincts and will power took over and he was able to identify an opportunity to "sit" on the wheel of the most dangerous rival sprinter Travis Mccabe and then he passed him and sprinted for an exceptionally long distance to get that precious victory.

Mission accomplished. "Certainly relieved" admitted Raim. "The team worked so hard for me the last two weeks. I am happy that I was able to deliver for them".

Back to the newcomer Israeli Guy Niv. For him this was his first taste of a team's victory. "I was all shivering when I crossed the line and realised that we won".

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