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Our Guy

Our Guy

israel cycling academy

In this Tour he is the rider far away from the limelight, the one that will do
His work quietly. His sweat , in the best scenario, will help bring the glory to one of his teammates.

israel cycling in baku

Yesterday was one of those good scenarios days. When Mikhel Raim was able to finish second after a tight sprint in the 3rd stage of Tour de Azerbaijan, getting the team a 3rd podium.

israel cycling azerbaijan tour

Guy sagiv was not there when our Estonian crossed the finish line. He arrived only a few minutes later, as his working day was finished 15 km to the finish line when the breakaway was finally caught.


However, this time, his teammate that just finished in the 2nd place with the coveted sprinter jersey was not going to let Guy escape. "For me He is the hero" he said. "He was working in the front almost to the end" he said. "Big respect".

azerbaijan cycling tour

All the other teammates felt the same about our 22 year old Israeli. He was the crucial factor in Mihkel's winning in the first stage.

"Guy was just amazing today," said The Canadian Ben perry.

israel cycling wins in azerbaijan

And indeed he was, the rider that was our man in charge that the breakaway will stay in control. When the breakaway group of 4 took on a 5 Minuts gap it seemed a bit too risky.

"I worked hard to close it down" said the Israeli. "This is the job that our sports director asked me to do. But the great satisfaction for me was that all the effort paid off, and Mikku was able to finish on the podium".

 ICA in Baku

It almost did not happen as a series of crashes almost derailed us. 6 km to the finish, it was the two guys, Canadian Guillaume Boivin and Dutch Dennis Van Winden that went down. But G was able to get back on his bike and keep on going.

Ben and Latvian Krists Neilands were Helping Mikku on till G finally arrived.
Then, ben crashed as well.

ICA wins in Baku

Still, with G leading out, Mikku was able to sprint well enough and ended second.
He was sure the crashes cost us the win. But a third Podium in 3 days was certainly good enough.

ICA tour azerbaijan

And Sagiv? The Israeli champion does not see this as his Permanent job. "I would like to be the winner myself, and I believe it will Come when the time is right"

ICA riders win in Azerbaijan tour

ICA team in azerbaijan

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