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The Race Behind The Race

The Race Behind The Race


It is a known fact that every cycling race starts way before the riders are being called to the start line. Here is a quick view of behind the scenes of our team on the road, as we are facing some of the greatest classics in Belgium:

cycling academy mechanics

There are not many jobs less rewarding than being a mechanic in a pro cycling team.
Endless amount of hours.
Late nights. Early mornings. Stressful hours in the back seat of a team car. Thousands of kilometers driving between races all over Europe.
You've got to love it if you want to be in Business.

cycling academy in europe

Racing in Europe at this time of the year requires attention to every small detail with the weather being absolutely brutal.
Our riders are fortunate to have some of the world's best pieces of apparel supplied by sportful.


sponsors cycling academy

With sponsors such as Morgan Blue and Park Tool, our mechanic has the very best lubes and tools to treat our bikes properly.

gear cycling academy

Morgan Blue's degreaser has already gained a name for itself as sports absolute best. Here in the usage of our hard-working mechanics.

israel cycling academy bottles

90 bottles. That's the average amount of bottles our riders consume in a single race day. Fortunately, with the support of Elite-il all of our needs are covered!

cycling academy bags


Bars, Gels, snacks and Energy drinks.
Everything could be found in the team's feedbags (AKA "the Mussete"), well prepared in advance by our professional Sougnears.

Israel cycling team tire pressure

The right tire pressure is a never ending topic for debate between our riders before every single race day.

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