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Belgian Chocolate

Belgian Chocolate

LIVE from Belgium: Back to racing. Back to the Classics. Back to the grind. Back to the fight.

Yeah, you can add all the typical stuff in a Belgian classic dish and it will be all there including the gloomy skies etc etc. Its Danilith Nokere Koerse for you ( and for us) this time and the organisers claim that this is going to be like no other race. 192 km with a 7 times uphill pave circuit... You can almost here the cracking sound.

Yeah? sounds like the painful fun we got familiar to in the last month since we started our Classics endeavour. It turned to be a struggle for us, for sure, but athletes has this kind of eternal optimism. For them This is a new dawn. They believe. We believe.


Our Squad:

Guillaume Boivin
Guy sagiv
Krists Neilands
Hamish Schreurs
Mihkel Räim Official
Dennis van Winden
Benjamin Perry

cycling academy in Belgium

Flanders. You can almost imagine those dark days when the trenches of world war 1 were cutting the fields. This town will host the great finish.


Israel Cycling team in belgium
Thats how it looks. The Finish line that will be crossed seven times in a 13 km circuit during the second part of the race. We were training there in the last few days. Its very likely will end in a sprint. " Its very tricky" said our Estonian champ Mihkel Räim Official that hopes to be there in the end. — with Guillaume Boivin, Bont Cycling, Catlike,Orange Seal Cycling, Cannondale Pro, Visit Israeland Sportful.
Israel cycling team race results
Thats the Graphics of the last 7 circuits with the Cobbles hill. You have to fight to get to the front otherwise you will be in trouble after the turn. And this cobbles... They will take all your energy and demand your technical skills.
guy sagiv israel cycling team
Our Israeli National champion. He has shown that he is gradually improving and feels more and more comfortable in their. But Classics are Russian roulettes. You never know. He crashed in the last one. — with Guy sagiv, Oakley and Sportful.
Mikhel raim israel cycling academy
We expect a lot from our Estonian Viking Mihkel Räim Official. He was our greatest winner last year. His first Classics started badly. " I was sick" he said. Only nows he feel that he is out of the woods a bit. " I am ready to rock" he said but knows thats easier said then done. — with Sportful, Oakley andCatlike.
Krists Neilands
Our Latvian. He is in great shape. In the last classic race he was in the leading group till a unfortunate crash delayed him. Thats the thing in the classics. Its rare that you do not face a crash or a mishap like a flat or a mechanical problem. — with Krists Neilands, Oakley, Cannondale Pro and Orange Seal Cycling.
Race photos israel cycling academy belgium
Trying to get to the front is the key in those races. And breakaways. We were not successful in those breakaways efforts but thats not for a lack of trying. And we will try again. — with Guillaume Boivin, Sportful, Cannondale Pro, Visit Israel andCatlike.

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  • yesterday I had the opportunity to ride some kilometers along the Schelde with some members of the team.
    I spoke to a tall Australian rider.
    I ’ll follow you in Handsame en Wevelgem and I wish you all the best for the races to come.

    Gerrit Temmerman

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