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First Step

First Step

When you are young and totally inexperienced, a foolish mistake is unavoidable as
the need to get rid of the dirty dishes after family passover dinner.

So it came to no one surprise to the two directors in the team support car at circuit des Ardennes - that their boys up front just kicked their own behind, so to speak.

You see, our young sprinter Itamar Einhorn was starting to drift back on the steep climb, and promptly, two of his teammates Ido Bear And Guy Sessler slowed down and came to his rescue.

The result, sadly, was obvious to all but them: They all failed to catch up eventually - losing abundance of time before the race was over.

“You can say it was a silly mistake and it was” said Team manager Aviad Izrael. “ But on the other hand they showed commitment to their teammate, The exact spirit that we like although at that moment it was the wrong call. But they are learning fast and they will improve”.

In many ways it may be the perfect way to describe this young ICA development team performance in their first European big time tour: Some promise ( Climber guy niv who was in one of the front groups in almost every climb ) some daring attacks and courageous moves. And on the other hand, lots to be desired as shown by the unimpressive bottom line results.

“ They showed me that there is significant and impressive Israeli Talent pool here” said Our Spanish DS Oscar Guerrero who has 20 years of experience working with his country best. “ Yeah they are clearly not used to racing at this level day in and day out and you could see that they were tiring fast. But that will be improved with more races in their legs. I see real promise and a definitely encouraging first step”.

And let give the young guys the last word :

Guy Sessler: “ It was My first ever road race abroad and it was an amazing experience: Speed that I Never confronted and suffering I have never endured. So yeah, The result was not great, we committed mistakes and sometimes the watts went missing but every day I felt that I grasp the dynamics a bit better. We are on the right direction”.


Cycling Academy Development team takes a first step in European racing 

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