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Emptiness - A Rider's Story

Emptiness - A Rider's Story

rider story - cycling academy israel

Mikhel Raim had "just one of those days" at Tro Bro Leon yesterday- the kind of day that a racer dreads. Here he tells it in his own words:

  At the beginning I felt very good. I can say I had the best legs I've had so far this season. It's funny how I was able to regain my shape again for this race, Big thanks to my coach for that! Well, it was going well on the gravel. Me , Zak and Krists were in front, but suddenly they had a flat tire in one bad moment. I am sure that had thay not happened, they would have been with me in the front group.

As the race continued, it began to get tough with 45km to go when FDJ was making high pace front of the group and riders were dropping. I was suffering, but was still able to stay in group. In the final laps was easier because I knew the lap exactly what to expect, so I left FDJ to work.

Going into the last KM there was still a breakaway in front of the main group- and then  two guys were attacking from the main group, and I followed Demare. I knew behind him would be good place to set up for the sprint. But then he stopped pushing and some riders from the main group passed me, but, I was still in good position and ready for sprint. Then, all of a sudden, I heard some noise and realized that my derailleur was broken.

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I didn't even pedal or chang gear, nothing! It just broke.... I had to chang bikes in the last 300 m. Unreal. I believe I could have had 3rd place today, minimum top 6.  Now I fee quite empty inside.

Well there's not much describing this feeling... The race is 203,4km and you do everything to be in front, and then 200m to go it's game over.

But that's sport, sometimes a mis-timed technical costs you the event. For sure this is gonna stay in my mind for a long time. In some way it's just cycling, but on the other hand, cycling is everything for me at the moment.

But on the bright side, I had lot of fun on the gravel today 😊 and next year I will come back as a stronger rider and person !

Mikhel blog israel cycling academy

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  • Shit! so sad! :(


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